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Scott Thorfinnson
Security consultant to private individuals and families.
Based in Central Western Minnesota. Osakis, Sauk Centre, Alexandria, Glenwood Lakes Area
My experiences give me an unique insight to personal security with over 12 years experience providing plain clothed Armed Protective Services as well as having worked as an Investigator since 1986. Some of my experiences:

    1991-92, 1993-94 President Minnesota Association of Detectives and Protective Agents (MADPA).

    Member of the 1995 Task Force to Advise Minnesota State Licensing Board on the development and implementation of legislatively required Firearms, Investigative and Security Training .

    1991 through 1995 MADPA Training Coordinator.

    1994 Chair of the Minnesota Association of Detectives and Protective Agents Legislative Committee.

    Member of the Advisors Task Force to the Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety on Private and Public Law Enforcement Cooperation in 1994.

    25 years experience as legal investigator for top flight Minneapolis Attorney

    Graduate in Advanced Defensive Pistol, Advanced Tactical Pistol and Advanced Tactical Shotgun. at Gunsite Academy Inc.
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